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Kath an Kim are going out Ghost Investigating once a week to bring the paranormal to you!
There aims are to: 1. Rescue earthbound spirits and send them to the other side.  2. To prove the paranormal exists.  3. To help people having trouble with bad spirits and move them to the other side where they will be sorted out by the Universe.
The team that are Camera crew Freddy and Grinner.  Our Tech guy also he is an Empath is Speedy. of course there is Kath and Kim both Psychic Mediums and experienced Ghost Investigators. 
You can watch us live on Tik Tok: Ghost Connection NZ (@ghost_connections_nz) | TikTok
Recorded on our YouTube: Ghost Connection NZ Paranormal Investigators - YouTube
Recorded on Facebook: (16) Kath an Kim Spirit Hunters | Facebook

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