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"A Different Kind Of Normal"

My story of my life as a person, as a Psychic Medium and as a ghost investigator

Cost is NOW $20.00 courier $5.00 (non rural and in NZ)

Soft cover

Four exerts from the book

It was one of my favourite places to do a ghost hunt because I knew it was active. I had been there a few times checking it out for ghost investigations. I had seen the Grey Lady and many other spirits. So here we all were sitting in a large circle, waiting for the ghosts to make contact.

I was in the middle of tea, when we heard the fire engines speeding along our hilly street. My brother rushed out and not long after, I ran after him. I arrived at the shed to the sound of my brother and his mates singing “Burning down the house”

I was terrified in there, I pleaded with the lady in charge, to let me go home. Of course they wouldn’t let me go and I was stuck in a bedroom with three other girls.

It was a horrible experience. It was pointed out to me, that one girl, had murdered her father

!) It was pure evil. The next thing I knew, I felt myself rising up from the ground and travelling really fast along the hallway. I was then flung into the toilet. I screamed, and then everything went black.

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