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Kath and Kim Reading Parties with Psychic Medium/ Ghost Investigator / Past Life Facilitator Kathy McBride And Psychic Medium / Automatic Writer Kim Sullivan

Two Styles of parties, You chose.

Option one:

Get 6 or more of your friends together for a fun hour and a half to two hours. It will be like having Your own private show with TWO Psychic Mediums and everyone gets a mini reading. Plus in between the readings Kathy can keep the audience entertained with a subject you get to chose from the list below: Ghosthunts and haunting we have done or experienced. Living on the Gypsy fair. Being a Psychic Medium. Or Helping the audience discover their on spiritual gifts. Answering questions about the spirit world and the paranormal.

Cost is $60 per person plus travel outside of the Hutt area

Option two:

Private Reading Party

Min 6-8 people (6 people within the Hutt area, outside Hutt area then 8 people)

This is for people who want private readings.

this is when Kath and Kim divide up the readings and do them in separate rooms.

Cost: 30min $60 or 60min $100

Petrol costs may be asked for outside of the Hutt area .

Kathy and Kim both talk to Loved ones and guides

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