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Media / Testimonials

Media / Testimonials

Received 1/10/20

I can't thank you enough Kathy for being there at the moments in my life when I've troubling times and need guidance. I try not to ask for spiritual support too often, so when I do ask, I'm really troubled. During times like now, it's through your gift as translator/connector, between myself and my whanau (guides), that I am holistically healed and comforted knowing I'm on track and need not feel so obligated.

Nga mihinui​

Received 15/1/2018

Wow oh wow!

I had two readings with Kathy last year.

I had the first one because I felt at a crossroads in my life and wasn't sure which road to take. At that reading Kathy gave me what felt like a treasure map. The signposts were given to me. I just had to follow them and see where they led.

Kathy's clairvoyance was extremely specific - right down to colours and descriptions. She gave me very clear guidance - certainly not wishy washy dreamy thoughts.

I have never been to anyone like Kathy before and I have been to a number of other clairvoyants.

Kathy is in a league of her own.

Thanks to her I have a future I thought I could only dream of.

The choices were mine to make but the guidance made the journey so much more comfortable.

I might add that all the very specific descriptions given to me were absolutely spot on and have unfolded over the last six months.

I also went to one of Kathy's workshops last year and was blown away by all the extra help kathy gave each and every one of us. She keeps her class numbers right down which means she can be flexible and tailor make her workshops to suit her students.

Thank you so much Kathy

You have added so much extra depth and colour to my world and I will always be grateful.



In the Dominion Post Life magazine suppliement 12/3/2014

This one was just posted on my face book page 30/10/13

Kimberlee Smith

Hey there.. Just wanted to update you on the reading you gave me.. You had said you seem me having a baby within 18mths.. Iv had so many things go wrong.. Anyways in JULY I took a test randomly to find it came back positive.. I fell pregnant 9mths to the date of your reading due to give birth exactly 18mths to the date of your reading.. Super duper spot on.. Now we are on a count down to find out what we are having.. My partner is soooo sure its the little girl he has always wanted im still unsure (=

Hi Kathy

I just want to thankyou for the great reading I had on Tuesday with you, it was great to hear from my mum, as you know I have really missed her since she has passed and I always wondered if she was ok.

I feel great relief and to know that she our goldie is with her (dog) makes us all feel better.

Thanks and keep up the good work


Hello Kathy

I attended your show recently in Gisborne. I must admit I was quite sceptical about you at first, even though I had heard you once on the radio. I want to apologise for evening doubting your abilities, you blew me away when you came to me and brought my gran through. Thankyou so much.

Yours faithfully


Dear Kathy

Your show was really cool, you are so funny!! The proof you brought through for my friend Amy was really good, I just hope she listens to her messages from her Guides…. Even though some of the messages made some people cry, you could see that they were happy to hear from their family.

I think its really good what you do and by telling us about funny things that have happened with readings and that, it made it not so scary. I would never have gone to a clairvoyant privately but now I’m not so scared. I thought they would tell you about when you die and stuff… but now I know more of what it’s about. I want to get an email reading from you soon as I need direction in my life.

Again thanks and I would come to your shows again, so come back soon to Invercargill



Hi Kathy

My name is Dave and I had a phone reading with you about two months ago (I live in Christchurch) I wanted to let you know when I rang you, I was feeling at the end of my rope! You really helped me by bringing my guides through. I have a job now (just like you said will happen) and I am really enjoy my new position. Your right my house did sell and I’m now house hunting. The pressure has really been removed and I can see a better future, so again thankyou.


Hey Kath, I came to your workshop in Masterton, it was so cool, I really thought I was going mad, with these ghosts visiting me, but now I know what’s happening and I have developed a good relationship with my guides, so cheers for that. Teena

Kathy, you did a healing on my recently, I want to give you lots of hugs and kisses for what an amazing job you did, my hip is still working well and I now can get out of bed in the mornings.

Thanks again


I had a email reading by you a year ago, it was really amazing, you are so accurate, I even showed it to my friends, they now are going to get hold of you too.

Peta Brisbane Australia

Hello Kathy

When I came to your show, I never thought you would choose me out of so many people. So it was a wonderful surprise when you came to me, bringing through my daughter who passed away only in December, The messages were so clear and we both laughed as you even starting using your hands and your body moved like her. I used to have days where I wanted to die but after the show, I finally felt like I could live again, I don’t feel guilty at laughing and enjoying my life, because I know that Samantha is there with me, laughing with me and telling her mum to get out of bed and enjoy life. My heart felt thanks, you are so gifted and I feel blessed to have met you.


Hi Kathy, just a short note to say thanks and to let you know my baby girl has entered this world safety on May 16th . We have called her Sarah after my grandmother. Sarah was five years in the making and I must say I had given up hope when I came to you for a reading. With my guides and grandmother you really helped find out was the problem had been, but you felt I was pregnant? I must say I thought you were mad!! But I left you and went and brought a test straight away, well that one came up negative, so I took it again 5days later and WOW I was pregnant. Yes I had a few problems along the way (like you said, but now I am a proud mother and Paul a proud Dad.

Thankyou so much, I think I will come to you when we want another child as I think you are my good luck charm lol…..


From the Kapiti Mana News Jan 17th 2012

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