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Kathy Mc Bride has been gifted since birth and has memories from 8months old. She was unaware of what her gifts meant.

Kathy knew that most of the people she saw were her friends. They were known as her imaginary friends!!

At the age of eight, she gave her first reading!! Prompted by her imaginary friends. This helped her, stop a school bully giving her a hard time. She was known as a weird kid, but she did not mind as she never felt alone.

Further on her life, she noticed that she would start passing on messages to people she met. People were very surprised by her accuracy.

About fifteen years ago, Kathy discovered the reasons of her gifts and was again prompted by her guides (imaginary friends) to work full time in this field. She has never looked back….

Kathy is a psychic medium, which means she is clairaudient (hears spirit), clairsentient (feels and senses spirit) and clairvoyant (sees spirit), she also is an accomplished spiritual healer. She is also an experienced Ghost Investigator

“ Messages From Beyond “ Shows (Kathy’s personal shows)

New Plymouth


Napier x 2



Masterton x 4


Lower Hutt x 2

Upper Hutt x 3


Mossburn (fund raiser)



Pauatahanui x2

Kilbirnie, Wellington x 2

and more.....

Clairvoyant Days




Upper Hutt

The clairvoyant days below have been organised and ran by Kathy

Masterton x 3

Palmerston North

Kilbirnie, Wellington


Lower Hutt


Wellington City

Psychic Fairs

Upper Hutt Cossie x 2

Porirua Cossie

Masterston Cossie

Personal, Phone, Email Readings

Kathy has traveled around NZ twice, so has clients throughout NZ

She also has overseas clients from Australia, India, England, America, Scotland, Dublin Ireland

Most of her new clients come through recommendations

Radio Field

Classic Hits: Masterton and Gisborne

Season one 2009

Once a week spot, doing a reading for a listener

Morning Show with Darryl Mallet

Classic Hits: Masterton

Live spot on Halloween 2008

Morning Show with Darryl Mallet

Classic Hits: Gisborne 2010

Season two 2010

Once a week spot, doing a reading for a listener

Morning Show with Darryl Mallet

Classic Hits: Gisborne 23rd June 2010

Live spot

Morning Show with Darryl Mallet

Public Talks

Palmerston North (orbs)

Masterton (orbs)

Upper Hutt (info and demonstration evening)


Kathy has run over 100 Workshops around New Zealand in the last 10 years

Beginners and Advanced

Platform work at spiritual churches


Upper Hutt



Lower Hutt (Spiritual Awareness)

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