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Home Office: Brown Owl, Upper Hutt

Available Hours:

Tuesday  1.30-7.30pm

Saturday 2.30pm-5pm

Psychic Readings Loved ones or Guides

Kathy connects with your loved ones, in spirit. To bring through proof of their continuation of life after death. She also can connect with your guides to help give guidance in your life and future.

30min $60 or 60min $100 or 90min $150 (longer readings ask for a price)

Phone Readings

Clairvoyant Readings, Past Life Readings, Health Scans

Over the phone. Must be pre paid and by appointment.

Cost per 10 mins: $20 or 60min $100 (this is a prepaid service)

Email Services

Same as a Clairvoyant Reading. To connect Kathy requires your date of birth, the area you live in and your direct questions.

(eg: My boyfriend Pete and I have been together for 4 years but lately we always argue and he prefers to go out with his mates, is he cheating on me? This is a direct question. A non direct question is eg: My boyfriend Pete?) The proof comes through the reading.

Cost: $20 per question or per item (This is a prepaid service)

Facebook Video Messenger Readings

Clairvoyant Readings, Past Life Readings, Health Scans Must be pre paid and by appointment.

Cost per 10 mins: $20 or 60min $100 (this is a prepaid service)

Past Life Readings

Through your guides, Kathy is able to access your past lives. Giving you the information about them. This particularly helpful for those, that wish to work out why they have some fears or emotional problems

Cost: $60 30min or $100 60min

By Email: $30 per Past Life

One on One Development

Kathy has been teaching people to use their psychic gifts for approx 20 years from beginners to advanced. She can help you with getting in touch with your guides to giving readings to reading tarot (the old way, non book version) She can get a lot acomplished within 60min. With you finding the names of your guides and learning the basics.

Cost: First visit 60min $100 2nd visit within 2months $80 Third Visit within 3 months $75

Health Scan

Kathy with the help of her seven health guides are able to look into your body and look at what areas that are not functioning properly. From this Kathy will tell or write suggestions from her health guides of what you can do to help the health problem. This is for the physical and mental.

(This should never replace your doctors treatment)

Cost: $60 30min or $100 60min (usually takes 30min)

Email: Price by Problem area approx $60 for whole body or $20 for one or two problem area's please enquire for price.

Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing

Kathy places crystals on your body that is right for your body and problems to help in the healing process

This is a 30min process $50

Clients are welcome to record there session or bring a friend for support.

If Kathy does not make a connection with your loved ones or guides. There is no charge but this is at Kathy’s discretion


Feb 2019

Had a reading before Christmas, took some friends along who identified themselves quickly he he. Thank you Kathy for the jug cord warning my daughter got caught in it and tipped hot coffee everywhere and it went right through the base of the electric plate, so wont use till thoroughly dried out. No Grandad I wasnt being giddy in the kitchen!!

Dec 2018

I had a reading today with Kathy and it was amazing. I highly recommend having one esp before Xmas and new year to find out what the new year holds for you. Thanks Kathy.

Sept 2018

Amazingly accurate readings! Was the best thing I could have done to help me with my grief.

Sept 2018

Wow oh wow!

I had two readings with Kathy last year.

I had the first one because I felt at a crossroads in my life and wasn't sure which road to take. At that reading Kathy gave me what felt like a treasure map. The signposts were given to me. I just had to follow them and see where they led.

Kathy's clairvoyance was extremely specific - right down to colours and descriptions. She gave me very clear guidance - certainly not wishy washy dreamy thoughts.

I have never been to anyone like Kathy before and I have been to a number of other clairvoyants.

Kathy is in a league of her own.

Thanks to her I have a future I thought I could only dream of.

The choices were mine to make but the guidance made the journey so much more comfortable.

I might add that all the very specific descriptions given to me were absolutely spot on and have unfolded over the last six months.

I also went to one of Kathy's workshops last year and was blown away by all the extra help kathy gave each and every one of us. She keeps her class numbers right down which means she can be flexible and tailor make her workshops to suit her students.

Thank you so much Kathy

You have added so much extra depth and colour to my world and I will always be grateful.




Ph: 04 526 6169 or 027 249 7700

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