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Kathy has been teaching people how to access and develop their gifts for over 20 years. She has ran workshops all over NZ. Her monthly development groups have become very popular, as she uses simple methods to help people develop their gifts, also allowing them to have the tools to develop at their own pace. Kathy believes that everyone needs to learn in their own way, so she is there, just to provide the tools and in a group environment, gives the opportunity to practice. She encourages the social aspect of the groups, as spiritually gifted people do generally have problems in group settings and with others. So by encouraging the social side it helps us, to balance in our general lives.

At this stage Kathy's Monthly group is full and is not taking on any new people. 

Other options:Occasionally Kathy holds workshops. If your interested you can either go on her mailing list or watch her website in upcoming events or her facebook page.

Other option is her One on One development (info under "Services")


Phone: (04) 526 6169 or 027 249 7700

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