Kathy McBride Psychic Medium / Ghost Investigator - Connecting You With Spirit
I am located in Shanly St, Brown Owl, Upper Hutt
Clairvoyant Readings
Kathy connects with your loved ones, in spirit.  To bring through proof of their continuation of life after death.  She also can connect with your guides to help give guidance in your life.
Past Life Readings
Through your guides, Kathy is able to access your past lives.  Giving you the information about them.  This particularly helpful for those, that wish to work out why they have some unbased fears or emotional problems.
Health Scan
Kathy with the help of her seven health guides are able to look into your body and look at what areas that are not functioning properly.  From this Kathy will tell or write suggestions from her health guides of what you can do to help the health problem.  This is for the physical and mental.
(This should never replace your doctors treatment)
Using Spiritual Energy, Kathy sends healing into your body.  This is a non-touch method.
House Cleansing / Blessings
Are you having trouble in your home, feeling uneasy, wake up feeling watched, having a lot of bad luck, bad health? Etc..
Your house may have an unwanted spiritual guest or bad energy.  Kathy will come in and cleanse your home, leaving in a peaceful state.
House Cleansing & Blessings
If your having trouble with a spiritual visitor or moving into a new house or just need your house cleansed or blessed.  Kathy can come in and do it. Usually takes 30min.

For all services above
30min - $60   60min - $100

Appointment only

Personal appointments are done in her home office/crystal shop in Upper Hutt
Clients are welcome to record there session or bring a friend for support.
If Kathy does not make a connection with your loved ones or guides.  There is no charge but this is at Kathy’s discretion.
Phone Readings
Clairvoyant Readings, Past Life Readings, Health Scans
Over the phone.  Must be pre paid and by appointment.

Cost per 10 mins: $25
(this is a prepaid service)

Email Services
Same as a Clairvoyant Reading. To connect Kathy requires your date of birth, the area you live in and your direct questions.
(eg: My boyfriend Pete and I have been together for 4 years but lately we always argue and he prefers to go out with his mates, is he cheating on me? This is a direct question.  A non direct question is eg: My boyfriend Pete?) The proof comes through the reading.

Cost: $20 per question or per item
(This is a prepaid service)

Also available on Email Services:  Past life readings, some instances of health scans, healing, house cleansing, please enquire about prices as they may differ from $20.

Email: kathymcbride08@gmail.com
Ph: 04 526 6169 or 027 249 7700

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