Kathy McBride Psychic Medium / Ghost Investigator - Connecting You With Spirit


"A Different Kind Of Normal"
My story of my life as a person , as a Psychic Medium and as a ghost investigator
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Soft cover

Four exerts from the book

It was one of my favourite places to do a ghost hunt because I knew it was active. I had been there a few times checking it out for ghost investigations. I had seen the Grey Lady and many other spirits. So here we all were sitting in a large circle, waiting for the ghosts to make contact.
I was in the middle of tea, when we heard the fire engines speeding along our hilly street. My brother rushed out and not long after, I ran after him. I arrived at the shed to the sound of my brother and his mates singing “Burning down the house”
I was terrified in there, I pleaded with the lady in charge, to let me go home. Of course they wouldn’t let me go and I was stuck in a bedroom with three other girls. 
It was a horrible experience. It was pointed out to me, that one girl, had murdered her father
!) It was pure evil. The next thing I knew, I felt myself rising up from the ground and travelling really fast along the hallway. I was then flung into the toilet. I screamed, and then everything went black.



Join New Zealand's most active and recognised paranormal research team as they roam the dark, dank corridors of some of Aotearoa's most allegedly haunted locations, and endeavour to lift the veil and shed light onto the time old question, "do ghosts exist?" Beliefs, theories, science and scepticism; all are addressed. All lids are opened and many questions are asked, in the team's life long search into the unknown. Plus they give an intimate insight into their lives, growing up, thoughts, opinions and personal experiences; joined by many other contributing fellow paranormal investigators from around the country and overseas. From theatres and hotels, to psychiatric hospitals and historical landmarks, to private home visits.... Haunted Auckland take you along for the ride with investigation reports, articles and helpful 'How to...' tips, for anyone wanting to get involved with the paranormal research field.

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